Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are a weight loss surgical patient's new best friend.

bariatric vitamins and supplements

Recommended Bariatric Vitamins and Minerals

Recommended Bariatric Vitamins & Minerals The list below is a recommended breakdown of the bariatric vitamins and minerals that you should be taking based on the procedure you had. It is very important that you are compliant and take your supplements every day to lead...

Link to Qsymia Review

Qsymia Review

Qsymia is a relatively new FDA-approved drug to assist in weight loss. Particularly for me, it assists with cravings and appetite reduction. It is a combination of Phentermine and Topiramate. It is available only under a doctor’s prescription, and is a controlled substance. This is...

bariatric caramel nut protein bar

Review: Bariatric Caramel Nut Bar

5 out of 5 BariWise Caramel Nut Bar One of my all time favorite candy bars is Snickers. Guess what? I’ve found a perfect facsimile, that will give you zero guilt and 100% of the satisfaction that Snickers provides! These caramel nut bars get my...

bariatric food discount

$20 Credit at Bariatric Choice!

In Refer-A-Friend program, you can get a $20 credit towards your purchase by utilizing this link! My all time favorite snack as a bariatric person! HealthWise Barbecue Crunch Protein Chips are tangy, crunchy, I’ll put this snack item up against Doritos or potato chips...

Link to Bariatric Surgery Journal: My One Year Point, and beyond

Bariatric Surgery Journal: My One Year Point, and beyond

Hello all, ’tis Donald. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post here. It’s been a busy, weird Q3 of 2012. First: September 20th 2012 was my First Anniversary of being banded. As of that day, I’m officially down 45 pounds since one year...

first long bike ride

My First Long(ish) Bike Ride in Years

Hi folks, it’s a lovely warm summer’s day here in Seattle, and I took it upon myself to go for a little bike ride! After, of course attempting to fill up my bicycle’s tires with a malfunctioning 20 year old pump and using 4 quarters...

gastric pouch created

All Bariatric Surgery Centers Are The Same

What do you value more: yourself, or a few thousand dollars?

First time in the 230 lb range in more than a decade

Personal Progress Update July 2012

Hey, hi ho everyone, Don here! I went in for a fill last week. Funny story: I was under the impression that my size of lap band had a capacity of 9ml. My last fill put me at 8ml, so I thought that I hardly...

Link to Before and After X-Ray Picture of Obese Woman

Before and After X-Ray Picture of Obese Woman

An Amazing Before and After Xray Picture of an Obese Woman Like this:Like Loading...


After Bariatric Surgery Myths

In an honest, loving attempt to dispel crazy, misguided, or plain wrong beliefs people hold about weight loss surgery, I’m starting a new column as of today that will switch the kitchen light on after bariatric surgery myths and watch them scatter like roaches. I...

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