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Hi, I’m Don! I’d like to tell you about bariatric food reviews, my website that I think will provide a lot of help finding you great bariatric diet options! I’ll also describe who I think will benefit from this website, my reviews, my videos, and my experiences.

bariatric food reviews


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I used to be healthy and athletic. Then I got fat. After lap band surgery, I’m working my way back down the scale.

This is my introductory video. I have decided I’m going to clown around simultaneously.


Who am I writing for?

You are a post-bariatric surgery patient, all is going well (you’ve encountered no medical complications) and you’re already back to solid food (or will be soon.) and, well, you want to know about bariatric food reviews so you can add more food choices to your bariatric diet plan!

You are a month or more past your surgery and your life is quite a bit different than how it was, say, two or three months ago, before surgery.

You are looking for honest, real reviews of bariatric diet foods to buy. There’s great stuff, there’s palatable stuff, and there’s stuff I will never put in my mouth again. Bariatric food isn’t cheap if you’ve checked, so I don’t want you to get something that isn’t palatable.

Also, I’m soliciting for reviews of food/snack/beverage items in the weight loss market, and I pay $4 for each accepted review.