Bariatric Surgery Journal: My One Year Point, and beyond

Hello all, ’tis Donald. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post here. It’s been

My First Long(ish) Bike Ride in Years

Hi folks, it’s a lovely warm summer’s day here in Seattle, and I took it upon

All Bariatric Surgery Centers Are The Same

What do you value more: yourself, or a few thousand dollars?

Personal Progress Update July 2012

Hey, hi ho everyone, Don here! I went in for a fill last week. Funny story:

Before and After X-Ray Picture of Obese Woman

An Amazing Before and After Xray Picture of an Obese Woman Like this:Like Loading...

After Bariatric Surgery Myths

In an honest, loving attempt to dispel crazy, misguided, or plain wrong beliefs people hold about

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

What you stand to gain by losing through bariatric surgery.

Does Insurance Cover Lap Band Surgery?

Does insurance cover bariatric surgery? This question is asked frequently on forums.

Good Bariatric Breakfast Ideas

Eating a good bariatric-friendly breakfast is easy!

Lap Band Questions, Issue 1

Lap Band Questions, Issue 1 I thought I’d saunter over to Yahoo! Answers earlier in the
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